Friday, April 3, 2015

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Difference between Efficacy and Effectiveness

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for diabetic wounds.

 Liu showed meta-analysis of 13 trials including 7 prospective randomized trials of 624 patients showing effectiveness.

 Liu R, Li L, Yang M, Boden, Yang G. Systematic review of the effectiveness of hyperbaric
oxygen in the management of chronic diabetic foot ulcers. Mayo Clin Proc.2013;88(2):167-175.

The UHMS Quality, Utilization, Authorization and Reimbursement Committee response trying to explain the difference in “efficacy” and “effectiveness” is at Jeannie Le M.D. Interpretation of the study “Lack of effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer and the prevention of amputation”

Wound Care Needs Awareness and Advocacy

Wound Care Needs Awareness and Advocacy